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bCal supports two types of constructors:

Type 1:
var cal=new bCal(<elementselector>);

where <elementselector> is a string and can be any valid jQuery selector to which the calendar markup will be appeneded.

Type 2:
var cal=new bCal(<options>);

where options is a javascript object that can have following properties:

LeftArrowImageSource: url for the image to show as left navigation arrow
RightArrowImageSource: url for the image to show as right navigation arrow
BaseDate: a moment object to specify the initial month shown
WeekStartsOn: a zero-indexed value to specify the start day of week, with Sunday being 0
ParentElement: any jQuery object or a valid jQuery selector string.
CustomWeekDayTitles: a string array of week day titles, if you want to override the default, which is, 'Su','Mo',...
ClickFunction: a function to be called when clicked on a date, the function is passed a moment object for that date.

Following are the public methods supported by bCal object:

ShowCurrentMonth(): shows the calendar of the current month
GotoDate(p): where p is a moment object for the date.

See the source code .html page for basic usage.

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